Generation Y

September 13, 2008 at 7:33 am (Uncategorized)

I was watching some videos by Limp Bizkit on youtube, yearning for my younger days……When I heard Fred sing the words “Generation X, generation strange” So I looked into that generation I belonged to.

I am Generation Y, The Mellennials, The Echo Boom or the iGeneration. I’ve pretty much been a witness to a rise and fall in the world. I grew up when the internet came into being and I’ve also seen two gulf wars both under men named Bush.

My parents fit into the “Helicopter Parent” Title, why am I only learning this stuff now? With the dawn of cell phone parents are now connected 24/7 to their offspring, with some phone now acting as tracking devices….verizon has this no joke its call chaperon!!! I swear if my mother wasn’t Catholic I’d swear she was Jewish, no offense to my Jewish homies out there.

I’ve noticed in a lot of music Gen Xer’s also have this parent problem if you listen close to their lyrics.  That or they just know what to sell, my bf would probably go for this option along with our friend Dave.

Now you may be wondering about a term I said 3 paragraphs ago……Mellennials. Its not referring to when we were born but when we come of age, 18-21 I’m assuming.

When I was a young Lass I remember things being on the news about “The problems with Generation X!” I’m begining to wonder now that I am at the point….will the Baby  boomers (my parents generation) be talking about us now?

By the way I can’t really find much on personality traits of my generation so I’m just going to list mine and maybe that will shed some light on the subject.

  • Feeling the world is lost due to prior generations mistakes
  •  Having overbearing helicopter parents
  • More accepting of things that Baby Boomers frown upon
  • Ect.

I would have added more but I am tired. Goodnight

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