Blogging from my Wii

September 1, 2008 at 6:06 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Hello people of the world! I am blogging from my Wii today just to see if I can. So far no problems!

I’m going to be getting a Wifi dongle in the mail in a few days and I am hoping I will be able to plug it into my Aunt’s computer without her knowing so that I can do this from her house because using her computer sucks!!!!

Not only do I not have wifi access to use my laptop I have to watch whats sites I go to because she’ll go behind me and check what I was looking at and I know this because it has happened!

SO I ordered the Wifi Max dongle from codejunkies and I’m hopeing I am able to install the software on to a flash drive and run it from it as well so I can just plug them in and have no problems what so ever.

My Aunt has no wifi and no cell phone service so checking my email and forums is a chore. I’m hoping with the wifi max I’ll be able to surf around on either my Wii or DS without any problems and without someone looking at what I had just done.

At this point I can only hope, and trust me I am hopeing!!!

OK I’ve gone on long enough so I’m gonna watch some tv 😛


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