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June 1, 2008 at 5:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Here are some of the services I love to use that everyone may not know about, I’m excluding twitter, facebook, youtube and any other obvious ones. Most of these are going to be Twitter related, either a bot or its has a connection to twitter.

Its a social bookmarking site. Instead of having a cluttered list of bookmarks it puts your bookmarked sites into categories. So if you’re like me and you have a hole bunch of twitter related site bookmarked just tag them all “twitter” and that will bunch them all together and you can use a bowser add-on to use them easily. I use flock it has Delicious already build into it.

A cool twitter bot, yes i use it a lot and thats why its on this list. you can follow secrettweet on twitter and use the link above to post secrets anonymously to twitter. There are a few different services like this but this one is by far the best because you can comment on the secrets via @replys or on the site itself so the comments are also anonymous. you can follow Secrettweet at this link

ChaCha is basically and answer service. You text in a question to 242242 (that spells ChaCha) and they will get back to you in a few minutes with an answer. You can also call in your question to 1-800-2chacha . I have found this incredibly useful. Chacha also has a twitter account its not working right now but as soon as twiter sorts itself out chacha will be back up and running, only the twitter version isn’t working the normal functions are still up ad running.

Here is another phone based service. This is incredibly useful for people on the go. Youcan set it up to connect with you favorite services such as Twitter, 30Boxes, Remember The Milk, Kwiry and WordPress. Those are just my connections there are many more. The only catch is you have to speak very clearly when using it.

Text it before you forget it! If you’re our somewhere and yo find something to want to look up later text it to Kwiry at 59479, send a direct message to kwiry via twitter, or call it into Jott. just yesterday I didn’t know how to spell “Quarantine” So I called jott and made the connection to kwiry and said “quarantine” and waited for it to show up online…spelt correctly. I know I cheated a little I suppose…Oh well.

Schedule future-dated tweets. At work? On an airplane? In church? Worry no more! You can schedule your future tweets with tweetlater! I have done this because at work I only get a 15 minute break during which I am stuffing my face, so I have no time for twitter. I have solved this problem by setting up tweetlater to twitter for me. Before I leave I set up twitter for hours in advance and if I come home before the twitters are tweeted I just delete them and continue with my normal tweeting. Its pretty useful.

Its a wakeup call service that is totally free. I love it because I have trouble getting up in the morning and I just set wakeupper to call me in the morning and if I don’t pick up the phone they cal back in 15 minutes. They also have a twitter account, It is also down due to problems with twitter sorry.

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